Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Backpack Bag – Beyond Practical

Product design is a constant exercise and pragmatic trade-offs between, aesthetics, practicality, simplicity, ease of use, functionality, cost and everything else laid out by Dieter Rams. Sometimes however, with some products it’s pretty obvious which of these design considerations need to weigh the most. In the case of the Okkatots backpack diaper bag it had to be practical. If you’ve ever traveled with a baby you will know, that while it’s important that your diaper bag is pretty good looking, nothing trumps practicality in that moment when your baby decides to, well, be a baby. I’ve recently taken a look at this backpack and I have to say, it is a pretty impressive design job.


The backpack is designed to be a diaper bag as well as an overnight bag. It has been designed to organize everything you may ever need when away from home with your baby into logical en easy to reach compartments. It’s obvious that a lot of thinking had gone into this design with some incredible attention to detail. Take for example the inclusion of a front pouch for a portable DVD player: easy to access, no need to open the bag and an absolute life-saver while you’re sitting on a train, bus or just somewhere in the park with a tired kid that needs a few minutes of distraction.


The backpack is designed to not only zip open at the top like most backpacks – that would still force you to reach into the bag into a space that you cannot see – the zip goes all around the pack and literally lay it open exposing the multitude of small containers and compartments, all easily accessible. It sports some small mesh holders on the outside for those must reach items like a teether or dummy. Opening up the bag and laying it in front of you is like opening up mission control for the travelling parent! Diapers, hand-wipes, powder, changing mat, spoons, bottles, toys, everything neatly organized and right there at your disposal. Okkatots did a great job at making those important design trade-offs, and while this bag is all about practicality and ease of use it is also comfortable to carry and actually quite beautifully designed. There;s no reason to cringe when you take this into public – in fact, most people will not even know it’s a diaper bag – it simple looks like stylish modern backpack.

From a product design perspective this is in my opinion a great example of how smart design decisions, focused on the user and having one single goal in mind – to make their lives easier – should be done.


Turtle Shell: A Design Gem

Wireless Bluetooth speakers have become a need for many. Music aficionados are always looking for the best sound quality. Add to this a little style and elegance and the average music lover would be on cloud number nine. Turtle Shell just manages to do that – please the customer with its fabulous design.

Turtle Shell Speaker

The design is unconventional yet beautiful and the jagged looks and angle cutouts make for a unique design. The bass radiator at the bottom and the cutout groove to hide speakers at the top are beautifully placed in the device. The design is such that it saves a lot of space and aids easy usage as well.

The dimensions of the device read 2.1 by 5.6 by 3.9 inches (HWD), which I believe are perfect for the ideal outdoor speakers. Available in seven colors, including orange black, purple and white, the Turtle Shell is water resistant and dust proof. The speaker grille is places upward with controls on the side panels. The power switch and the USB charging jack are covered by a panel which makes the speaker look elegant.

Turtle Shell Speakers 2

It is not just the device that rides high on style but the packaging itself is a visual treat. The acrylic box used for packing houses the USB charging cable and the wall adapter. The well designed packaging of the device matches the fantastic sound quality that the device has to offer. In terms of design, there are not many devices that can compete with the Turtle Shell and if you are a design freak, there is nothing better than this device that you would like to purchase.

The quality of the device has been on the higher side and there is no distortion at high volume. If you are looking to a device that can complement your dressing sense well and one that you can flaunt around in social arenas, there is no doubt about the fact that the Turtle Shell wireless Bluetooth speaker is the one for you.