The Benefits Of Buying Goodman Heat Pumps

goodman-split-systemWith heating and air conditioning costs being so high nowadays, more people than ever before are considering renewable energy sources such as Goodman heat pumps. Their company is one of the largest manufacturers of heating and cooling solutions for residences by focusing on products that are both affordable and reliable. What makes this such an effective product is that they can provide you with both cooling and warmth all year round. Depending on the climate where you live however, you may probably still need to buy a traditional central heating and cooling unit. They can still really decrease the amount you have to spend on your energy and heating bills though.

Goodman Heat Pumps And Their SEER Ratings

There are several different model types of these heat pumps, so a problem you will face early on is which to buy. You will notice that each model is categorized by its SEER rating. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and it basically tells you how efficient the unit will be at cooling down your home. In general, the hotter it gets where you live, the higher the SEER rating you will require. On the downside, the models with a higher rating will typically be more expensive than those with the lower rating.

Consumer Reviews

  • Another way that you can make sure you purchase the best Goodman pumps for your home is to read over some consumer reviews online.
  • Written by consumers just like you, these reviews can provide you with a wealth of information.
  • They will typically explain any problems they have had with the unit and will let you know if they generally recommend them.
  • It is best to find someone that has a situation similar to yours so you know the best product to buy for a home that is specifically your size.

Finally, remember that even if you choose a good piece of equipment, if it is installed poorly it will still give you problems, especially with heatpumps, air conditioning and heat recovery ventilators.

The Cost

Another issue that you have to take into consideration when buying Goodman heat pumps is the price. You will have to expect to pay more upfront than you would a traditional heating or cooling unit, but keep in mind that you will make it back in the long run. In order to cut down on the amount that you will have to pay, you may want to look for a dealer who can offer them wholesale. Just make sure that you purchase it through a dealer that is licensed to sell these products or it could void your warranty.Air-Conditioning-5

One final thing to keep in mind is the contractor you hire to install it. Once again, if this individual is not licensed it could void the warranty; not to mention that they may do a poor job. Speak to many different candidates before settling on one and you will have a better idea of who to trust.

An Overview Of Portable Room Air Conditioners

Free standing portable room air conditioners can both cool down and dehumidify any room whenever you like. What people like most about them is that they do not have to be installed like cumbersome window units have to be. You can move them into any room you like and they will get to work. Besides the high price tag, one of the major downfalls is that they still require a nearby window in order to vent. You can drain the hot water either out of the window or into a bucket if you prefer. This article will cover all the major benefits that you can reap from purchasing these units.

Size And Shape

  • Portable air conditioners are also pretty heavy, weighing in at anywhere between 50 to 100 pounds.
  • They have an average length of about 30 inches and a width between 12 and 18 inches, so you will need this much space in the area where you plan on putting them.
  • Like any other air conditioning unit they have a way of increasing your electricity bills, so make sure you run it only when necessary and to the extent necessary if you want to save money.
  • Some units will come with energy efficiency ratings so this is something to keep an eye out for when making your decision.

One of the more important things you should take into consideration when purchasing one of these units is the size. Probably the smallest ones available can cool down a room that is between 150 and 200 square feet. They typically have a BTU of 7500 to 8000. This is a very economical choice and their smaller size means they will be more lightweight and easily to move. However, if the room you wish to use the unit in is larger than 200 square feet than you are going to have to buy a larger unit if you want it to work.

Looking At The Size Of The Room

  • Ultimately, if you are going to buy the best portable air conditioners for you, then you first have to know how many square feet the room is where you plan on using it, same as when you install a heat recovery ventilator.
  • Afterwards, go to the official web site of the US Department of Energy and use their size calculator to determine the BTU necessary to keep a room that size at a cool temperature.
  • Even though it can be tempting to simply go with the cheapest model in order to save money, if it is not powerful enough to do the job it will be a waste anyway.

One of the best ways you can determine if free standing air conditioners are the right choice for you is by using a rental unit first. By renting different models before buying you can better determine the right size, brand, and model for the room where you need it.

Robotic Palletizing Equipment And Systems

robotic-palletizing-1The robotic palletizing equipment helps to assist companies and businesses decreasing manual labor costs, removing operator from harmful areas, making manufacturing and distribution flexibility available, and improving process and product quality. Future robotics technology ensures that there is faster, smarter, and generally better robotic palletizing equipment which is still to come.

Benefits For Your Company

There are several benefits for your company or business when using robotic palletizers, not only will it increase your productivity rate, it will also help towards the labor, handling, flexibility and costs of your company or business. You will also be providing an opportunity for personal to take up a Robotic engineering career. Which ever products you choose to use palletizers on, you will be guaranteed to be one step ahead of any and all competition businesses and companies, given the correct robotics technology curriculum is followed.

Floor Level Palletizers

With a complete machine product range that consists of high and floor-level palletizers, system integration and load transfer stations, with upgradeable designs, maximum flexibility and superior construction will provide the conventional robotic palletizing solutions for your company or business. Floor level palletizers are used for more economical solutions, while high level palletizers are used for more high speed situations. Columbia continues to bring out top of the range equipment that is easy to use and that provides you with maximum flexibility and most importantly maximum reliability. Every machine is able to control up to four lines of production as well as multiple product types at the same time. Cramped and small spaces with low roofs are not an issue as the compact design of the machines makes them ideal for these situations.

Load Transfer Stations

When it comes to load transfer stations, your company or business’s productivity will increase and your shipping and labor costs will drop by a fairly substantial amount. This will then allow the company or business to focus on the tasks at hand, instead of worry whether the work will be done on time or if any injuries or accidents will occur.

Robotic palletizing is all about improving speed, efficiency and quality of your products with both manufacturing and distribution.

To accomplish this, the four axis robotic palletizer is recommended as it offers:

  • A large work envelope of up to twenty feet.
  • A high hourly palletizing capacity of 1200 cycles.
  • A high load capacity of around four hundred pounds.
  • A high reliability which has been technologically proven.

This piece of machinery is commonly used in most work places as it the most and highly recommended palletizer.

There are many types of robotic palletizing equipment to choose from. Each and every specific kind of palletizer is suitable for what ever your needs are to your company or business. Whether you want more flexibility in your company or business, or if you want to maximize your work place’s productivity, or if you would just like to improve your product quality and the process of doing so, then installing these machines is the best option for you, your products and your companies.

Dog House Design Ideas Grom The Ground Up

celebrity-hacienda-dog-houseWhen looking at the various dog house designs that are available, it always helps to make sure that you choose designs that are within your abilities to build. Although it is always going to be possible for you to take these designs to somebody else in order to do the construction, there is something about building them yourself that really makes it more convenient. Here are a number of different dog house design ideas that cover the entire dog house, from the ground up. This will not only help to make your pet comfortable, they are dog house designs that will keep them safe.

Choosing A Dog House Design

One of the first things that you need to consider whenever designing the dog house or choosing from among the dog house designs that are available is the floor. Although it would be rather simplistic if you just built the floor out of a single layer of plywood, this is not always going to be the best option for your animal. It is always a better idea if you leave a little bit of insulating space between two separate layers of flooring in order to provide a buffer zone against the cold or hot ground, whichever may happen to be the case. It can really make a difference in how comfortable the inside of the wooden dog houses are whenever the weather turns ugly.

Insulating The Walls Of The Dog House

The walls of the dog house is one of the more interesting dog house design ideas that you have to decide from, and there are a number of insulated designs which you may be interested in. At its most basic level, the installation will simply be an air pocket, similar to what we discussed in the flooring. It is also possible for you to use a number of different types of insulation, from Styrofoam all the way up to rolled fiberglass insulation. Of course, all of this will change the overall design.

The Roof Of The Dog House

The roof of the dog house is where you can get a little bit creative and at times, this can provide a little bit of luxury as well. In most areas of the world, a sloped dog house roof is going to be necessary because of snow or other types of weather which you would not want piling up on top of the dog house. You may also want to consider shingling the dog house roof in order to keep it for years and to avoid rot.

A number of other additional items may be added into these dog house designs which can make them more or less luxurious. For example, central air and dog house heaters may be something that you’re interested in including, but it is going to raise the price of the dog house considerably and is not always going to be necessary to include this in your dog house design ideas. At the very least, you should make sure that there is something in the dog house which will help to pad your dog’s body from the hard floor. Just make sure that you change this from time to time so that it does not rot or become a health issue for your pet.


Turtle Shell: A Design Gem

Wireless Bluetooth speakers have become a need for many. Music aficionados are always looking for the best sound quality. Add to this a little style and elegance and the average music lover would be on cloud number nine. Turtle Shell just manages to do that – please the customer with its fabulous design.

Turtle Shell Speaker

The design is unconventional yet beautiful and the jagged looks and angle cutouts make for a unique design. The bass radiator at the bottom and the cutout groove to hide speakers at the top are beautifully placed in the device. The design is such that it saves a lot of space and aids easy usage as well.

The dimensions of the device read 2.1 by 5.6 by 3.9 inches (HWD), which I believe are perfect for these types of outdoor speakers. Available in seven colors, including orange black, purple and white, the Turtle Shell is water resistant and dust proof. The speaker grille is places upward with controls on the side panels. The power switch and the USB charging jack are covered by a panel which makes the speaker look elegant.

Turtle Shell Speakers 2

It is not just the device that rides high on style but the packaging itself is a visual treat. The acrylic box used for packing houses the USB charging cable and the wall adapter. The well designed packaging of the device matches the fantastic sound quality that the device has to offer. In terms of design, there are not many devices that can compete with the Turtle Shell and if you are a design freak, there is nothing better than this device that you would like to purchase.

The quality of the device has been on the higher side and there is no distortion at high volume. If you are looking to a device that can complement your dressing sense well and one that you can flaunt around in social arenas, there is no doubt about the fact that the Turtle Shell wireless Bluetooth speaker is the one for you.

Get The Job Done With Concrete Compression Machines

digital-compression-testing-machineWhen it comes to working with concrete, there are many tools and many steps involved to get the finished product you want. Concrete compression machines are one of these types of machines that help complete many concrete-related jobs properly.

Do Some Research Before Purchase

The most important things to look for in concrete compression machines are accuracy, compactness, portability, versatility, and dependability. There are some brands which are well known for having these qualities in every machine they produce such as Humboldt. If you have a particular brand that you have worked with before and trust you may see what options they have first before looking at other manufacturers. If this is your first time buying compression machines, you might ask around to see what other people in the industry have to say about certain manufacturers and certain types of machines. Asking concrete pumping contractors may be a good idea. You can also read user reviews online to see what types of machines top the list as the most popular and dependable.

Looking At The Cost

While price is always a factor, it shouldn’t be the only factor in your choice of machine. You should also look at what you get for the price and what securities you have on the machine you are thinking of putting your money into. You might even want to consider other machines, like concrete finishing machines to get a rough price comparison and see whether it might not be better suited to your needs. In some cases, it may benefit you to buy used or to rent a machine if you only need it for one use.

Compression Strength

The compression strength is important to note on your particular job. Concrete compression machines comes in a variety of frames from 100,000 lb (1,112kN) to 500,000lb (2,224kN) machines, including block and prism configurations. These different strengths will be needed for the different types of jobs you are doing. It’s important to be aware of these so that you know you are using the right machine with the right strength to get it done correctly. The shear angle is also important to note when using concrete compression machines to get your job finished properly. The wrong angle can mess up the entire job. If you are using a compression machine, read the instructions that come with the machine to be sure you are using the right shear angles for your job as well.

Look For Guarantees

Shop around and buy smart and you will find yourself with a great machine that lasts a long time. You should also look into what types of warranties and guarantees come with these machines when you buy them. If you are buying a used machine, get as much information as you can about it and where and how it has been previously used. Even used concrete compression machines often come with warranties of some type. Get all the paperwork and fine print and be sure to ask any questions you may have before you buy.

Now that you know more about concrete compression machines and how they work, you can choose if this is the right machine for you. If you’re a company or business looking to purchase one of these machines for your business use, you will have a better idea of the type of machine you need.

Use The Home Theater Designs To Bring The Cinema Home

basement_1If you search the internet you will be able to find great basement home theatre designs exhibited. It is spectacular to see what some people have done to their basements and how they have transformed these spaces into something remarkable. This is unused space that you will use to store unused items. Not forgetting the unpleasant smells that come with it. Now you can really do something with this space. If you search the internet you will be able to find great basement home theater designs exhibited.

Transforming Your Basement

It is spectacular to see what some people have done to their basements and how they have transformed these spaces into something remarkable. This is unused space that you will use to store unused items. Not forgetting the unpleasant smells that come with it. Now you can really do something with this space that will actually be worth the money for just having it. There are many people that have seen the potential that basements have. It will depend on the amount of money you are able to spend for this purpose. This way you will know exactly what options are open to you when looking at the various home theater designs.

Creating A Home Theater System In Your Home

You can go for something simple, where you can retreat to watch television, or you could go all-out and transform it into a place that resembles your commercial cinema. Depending on the size and the layout of the basement you will be able to find many home theater systems that compliment these kinds of setups. If you have not thought about this: you could even use the home theatre in your basement to attract the neighborhood. There are always kids that have nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon. Maybe charge a fraction of the price cinemas are charging and allow them to view some great movies or even play video games. You could find this the best way to make back some of the money you spent setting it up in the first place. Pay attention to age restrictions.

Choose Your Design

There is always something you could do with your basement theater designs. You can follow the designs online and on television or even make up your own custom design. This will be something you can be proud of. You also have to make sure that there are no holes in the roof that could invite in the rain. It is always wise to make sure that you check out everything before bringing in the equipment. If you are great at DIY, climb on to the roof and patch up all holes before moving inside. Also, if there are any damp areas in the basement you are going to have to tend to these problems beforehand. There will be a lot of dust during your preparation of the basement so make sure that all equipment is covered up or in another part of the house.

What To Put In Your Theater Room

After the preparation is done and the hard work is out of the way, it is time to bring in the system. Maybe you are using a big television screen to watch your movies and play your videogames or you are going to use a projector. This is your choice. Know exactly where you will be placing the speakers and the rest of the equipment. Find a great position for these and also the couches. You want the best possible view and best possible sound, and there are many basement home theater designs that will help you accomplish this.

There are many people that have seen the potential in their basements. It will depend on the amount of money you are able to spend for this purpose. This way you will know exactly what options are open to you when looking at the various theater designs.

Home Theater Setup Diagrams For Your Speakers

Home theater setup diagrams are there to help you and to make sure that you setup your new device correctly. You will make use of diagrams if you aren’t too sure where or how to plug in all of the different wires and where the home theater speaker systems should be placed. You don’t have to be a professional to setup a system, but it can be rather confusing, especially if you aren’t all that clued up with today’s technology, but don’t worry, this is why there are diagrams like this available to assist you. Theater setup diagrams can be found in the “images” section of Google, where there will be pictures as well as text so that you can clearly see what you need to do.2nd Zone

Adding Some Furniture

You want to make sure that you have the right furniture too, so that you have a good secure place where the home theater system can stand. It doesn’t matter whether you are installing it in the living room or basement; there is a diagram that will show you where to put all the wires and how the system should stand, so as long as you are able to provide what the diagram says, you shouldn’t have a problem putting it together. You might need another pair of hands to help you, so make sure that there is someone nearby that can give you a hand when you need it.

Theater Setup Diagrams

Home theater setup diagrams really help those in need, and many people wouldn’t have gotten though the installation of their system if it hadn’t have been for a diagram. In some cases, the diagram comes with the system you buy so that you don’t have to go out looking for the one that explains the specific home theater system you have, which is a lot easier. That way, you will be able to start the installation immediately as you already have the diagram ready, and hopefully you will have someone there to help you, should you need it; you might, but you also might not.

Understanding The Diagram

A diagram isn’t normally very difficult to understand, but in some cases it might take you some time to understand what it is telling you to do. Once you open the packaging and are familiar with all the components, it won’t be that difficult, but if you think that you are going to have trouble naming the pieces and wires, it is advised for you to get someone to help you; just someone who knows the difference between a normal speaker and a subwoofer will do!

If you have put a system together before, it might be easier a second time, but rather just have setup diagrams handy so that it is there if you need it. you should have received one with the system you bought, but if not, find the right one online, save and print it so that you can have it right at your side for whenever you need to glance at it.

Looking At The Design Of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

liquid-ring-vacuum-pumpWhen considering a liquid ring vacuum pump, you want to be sure you are choosing the right pump and the right company to help you supply that pump. There are a few things you need to look at when the time comes for you to purchase one of these pumps which is why it is important for you to do some research on the product.

When Needing This Pump

The first step is to recognize when you need to use this pump. The liquid ring vacuum pump is best used when the gas load is wet. The internal construction makes pumping saturated loads easier without worrying about damaging the pump. This will prove important with heavy loads when you really need to get the job done right. Miniature vacuum pumps might be better suited for smaller jobs.

How It Works

Net pumping can come from the standard pumping curve when you allow the warm process vapors to condense within the cooler liquid ring. This is how the liquid ring guard can help the process unlike oil sealed or dry vacuum pumps that can be used to pump wet gases. Liquid ring vacuums rely on the physical properties in the sealant to help determine the maximum vacuum level. This is how the pump gets the most “bang for its buck” as the saying goes. Liquid vacuum pumps are often used with jobs that require deeper cleaning or an extra pumping stage. The liquid ring vacuum pump can use an extra process that can help enhance the performance. Other types of vacuum pumps do not always have these same options. This is why many people prefer this type of pump to others available today.

What Is Cavitation?

Cavitation is part of the process used with a liquid vacuum pump so it helps to understand this and how it works. Basically, cavitation is the formation of vapor bubbles on a flowing liquid into a specific region where the pressure of the liquid falls below the vapor pressure. Pump cavitation is common most vacuum pumps. Usually this process will be classified as either inertial or non-inertial cavitation. Vacuum pumps typically work with inertial cavitation. This is when the void or bubble in a liquid collapse really quickly making a shock wave. This is important to how the pump works successfully. It’s all part of the scientific process that makes the pump work.

Types Of Pumps

When it comes to choosing a liquid ring vacuum pump, you need to get as informed as possible on the types of pumps out there so you can be sure this is the right one for you. If you’re going with a professional company, you just need to be sure you choose the right one. Thomas and Busch vacuum pumps are renowned for good their good quality, and one should consider these two brand when looking to purchase a vacuum pump.

You want to pick a company with experience in this field so that you can trust the job will be done right each and every day. It’s also helpful to know the type of vacuum pump that you want. There are many great brands on the market today and some brands offer features and benefits that you won’t find in other models. Do some research and you can find the perfect liquid ring vacuum pump for your needs.

A Look at Balance Bike Designs

Industrial design has evolved into a field that has expanded its wings from User Interfaces to product designs. With the help of technology, you can create a wonderful product on your PC and then get it manufactured to get the desired product. Using various design software like Autodesk, it is possible to create absolutely anything. Let us go through such an example with a balance bike as the subject. Here is how to make your own balance bike –

The first step in designing a custom balance bike is the wheels.  As is the case with each step of this project, you’ll want to take into account the size of the child who will be using the balance bike once it’s finished.

Starting with one wheel, sketch circles (Sketch > Circle) to represent the outer boundary of the tire, the hub, and what will likely be a metal frame between the two.

After that, use the extrude tool (Construct > Extrude) to give the wheel the desired thickness, extruding the “hub” and the “metal frame” to slightly shorter levels than the tire itself.  On the other side of the wheel, project the surface, and create the same extrusions on the hub and the frame as the first side.

Using the Modify fillet tool, round off the top surfaces, and then add color to the hub, frame, and tire using Materials.  What started as a few circles should now be looking much more like a wheel.

Once you have finished the first wheel, use the Rectangular Pattern Tool (Pattern > Rectangular Pattern) to create a second wheel, and punch a hole in the center of each wheel.

Use the polyline tool to create the profile of the front fork (really drawing half of the fork), and use the rectangle to create the sketch of the opening for the body. Be sure to use the trim tool (Sketch > Trim) to trim any lines that are not required.

Like you did before with the wheels, extrude the sketch to the desired thickness, and use the mirror tool (Pattern > Mirror) to complete the front fork.

Before you design the handlebars and grips, open the wheels file that you created, group the wheels, and place the model of the fork in the bike assembly (File>Insert>From My Computer).  From there, you can move the fork into place

For the handlebars themselves, first use the project tool (Sketch > Project) to select the top face of the front fork, use a polyline to create a rectangle for the handlebar, and extrude the profile to the desired handlebar thickness. From there, you can apply material and whatever color you’d like to your handlebars.

To put grips on the end of the handlebar, use the project tool (Sketch > Project) to select the end face of the handlebar, sketch a circle on the projected face, and extrude the outside portion of the circle. Repeat the process with a slightly larger circle to place a knob on the end of the handlebars (this is a balance bike for a small child, and we don’t want their hands slipping off the end).

Finally, fillet the sharp edges on the handlebar grip and apply whatever material you like.

Balance Bike Design

For the bike body, start by using the polyline tool to sketch the profile of the body, and extrude the sketch to the desired thickness.  Remember to take into account the height of the rider, and to leave a flat space on the top of the body for a seat.

Once you have finished sketching and extruding the body, move it into position, fillet the sharp edges, and apply whatever material you like.

Last but not least, design the seat.  You’ll want it to line up with that flat space you left on the body.

First, use a polyline to create a sketch of the seat. Tweak the sketch until you’re happy with the shape of the seat, and then extrude the sketch to your desired thickness.

Next, hide the sketch, fillet the sharp edges on the seat, and apply the materials.

Lastly, make sure the seat is in place and aligned, and group all the parts. Once you’ve created your custom balance bike plans, there are a few different choices of assembly.

Depending on your design, you can make a something like a Schwinn balance bike very cheaply using recycled or salvaged building materials.

Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Backpack Bag – Beyond Practical

Product design is a constant exercise and pragmatic trade-offs between, aesthetics, practicality, simplicity, ease of use, functionality, cost and everything else laid out by Dieter Rams. Sometimes however, with some products it’s pretty obvious which of these design considerations need to weigh the most. In the case of the Okkatots backpack diaper bag it had to be practical. If you’ve ever traveled with a baby you will know, that while it’s important that your diaper bag is pretty good looking, nothing trumps practicality in that moment when your baby decides to, well, be a baby. I’ve recently taken a look at this backpack and I have to say, it is a pretty impressive design job.


The backpack is designed to be a diaper bag as well as an overnight bag. It has been designed to organize everything you may ever need when away from home with your baby into logical en easy to reach compartments. It’s obvious that a lot of thinking had gone into this design with some incredible attention to detail. Take for example the inclusion of a front pouch for a portable DVD player: easy to access, no need to open the bag and an absolute life-saver while you’re sitting on a train, bus or just somewhere in the park with a tired kid that needs a few minutes of distraction.


The backpack is designed to not only zip open at the top like most backpacks – that would still force you to reach into the bag into a space that you cannot see – the zip goes all around the pack and literally lay it open exposing the multitude of small containers and compartments, all easily accessible. It sports some small mesh holders on the outside for those must reach items like a teether or dummy. Opening up the bag and laying it in front of you is like opening up mission control for the travelling parent! Diapers, hand-wipes, powder, changing mat, spoons, bottles, toys, everything neatly organized and right there at your disposal. Okkatots did a great job at making those important design trade-offs, and while this bag is all about practicality and ease of use it is also comfortable to carry and actually quite beautifully designed. There;s no reason to cringe when you take this into public – in fact, most people will not even know it’s a diaper bag – it simple looks like stylish modern backpack.

From a product design perspective this is in my opinion a great example of how smart design decisions, focused on the user and having one single goal in mind – to make their lives easier – should be done.